President greeting

Building a new future together with everyone Inheriting the innovative will of our successive proprietors, we will continue to create new technologies and services to expand the possibilities presented by dashi.

Owing to the long-standing patronage and support of our clients and partners, Maruhachi Muramatsu has accumulated over 140 years of experience. The founder, Zenpachi Muramatsu, started the dried bonito business. The second generation Zenpachi Muramatsu, II, invented bonito extract.
Zenpachi Muramatsu, III, expanded the business overseas.

Zenpachi Muramatsu, IV, advanced the processing technology for food seasoning. Inheriting the DNA that the successive generations cultivated, our business currently revolves around three main pillars: marine product seasonings, health and nursing food ingredients, and bio-pharmaceutical medicine.

In 2013 I took on the name, Zenpachi Muramatsu, as the fifth-generation owner of Maruhachi Muramatsu. I firmly believe that in order to remain relevant to our customers, we must continue our innovative efforts in changing times while relying on the foundation of the technology that we have garnered so far, just like our earlier generations have.

Zenpachi Muramatsu, V 5th Generation Owner  Maruhachi Muramatsu, Inc.

We will promote the following four initiatives as we strive to be a "high-quality company" in the eyes of our customers.

  1. Deepen communications to reinforce the relationship of mutual trust with our trading partners.
  2. Make full use of bonito and other marine products to expand the range of our product line-up and become a "one-stop manufacturer" that customers will turn to for all things related to dashi.
  3. Raise the supply chain quality all the way from procurement of raw materials to delivery.
  4. Build an optimal organizational and human resource system to implement these initiatives.

We aim to be a company that can build up trust and share our joy with all our stakeholders, including our customers, through various initiatives.

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