Our Strengths

To remain relevant now and for the next generation

Steering Maruhachi Muramatsu amidst swirling changes

Today we face a serious global challenge to overcome food shortages and environmental and energy problems that are posed by the increasing population and climate change. Meanwhile, in Japan awareness toward food safety and security is heightening and the demand for more stringent control is increasing.

The marine products industry is seeing an increasing demand for marine resources that is brought on by the heightened global awareness towards health and eating habits. Such a trend has inevitably brought on tighter fishing regulations in order to protect marine resources, and global competition is intensifying more than ever.

At Maruhachi Muramatsu, we consider these environmental changes from both a macro and micro perspective and are responding flexibly to these changes. At the same time, we will continue striving to be "a high-quality company" by offering materials, products, and services that are of value to our customers while treasuring the trust and technology that we have built up so far.

Mainspring of
Maruhachi Muramatsu

Information Gathering and Material Procurement

Our company professionals source raw materials locally and gather information to secure a stable supply in terms of quality, quantity, and price. Particularly for bonito and dried bonito, a stable supply is secured domestically in local Yaizu as well as in Makurazaki (Kagoshima) and through overseas production and procurement.

Since the 1980s, we have been providing technological know-how to local companies overseas to develop and process raw materials. We procure approximately 170 types of natural seasonings and raw materials including dried bonito, dried bullet tuna, dried ago, bonito extract, kelp extract, shellfish extract, and soy bean paste from Asian countries such as China, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

By understanding and providing customers with information on primary raw materials from the fishing and production stage onwards, we believe we can help them make the proper purchasing decisions. These strengths in information gathering and material procurement form the mainspring of Maruhachi Muramatsu.

Useful Origins of
Maruhachi Muramatsu

Planning and Development

We use a combination of our technologies and raw materials to create the exact taste and aroma that the customer has in mind.

We provide natural seasonings for processed food makers; healthcare and therapeutic food and ingredients for medical facilities; functional ingredients and processing for functional and health food makers; and local planning and procurement proposals as well as business support with local partners for customers with overseas bases.

Driving Force of
Maruhachi Muramatsu

Production Technologies

We make use of eight modern production technologies to deliver safety and security in our products and to create the taste and aroma traditionally valued through dashi. These technologies are the driving force that propels Maruhachi Muramatsu forward.

Shaving, granulation, fine grinding creating targeted forms, flavor-matching processes.
Extract dashi with high concentrations of taste and aroma.
Formation of amino acids, peptides, and biologically active substances from proteins.
Separation & fractionation:
Selectively extract only those taste and aroma components that are required.
Separate only the water from solutions to create powders or concentrates while retaining the flavor.
An indispensable process to complement the product that is carried out by taste-creating professionals.
Control microbes in various shapes and forms without damaging the color and taste.
Deliver the form and weight that meet customer needs.

Blending and mixing facility

Yaizu Expert Factory
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