New initiatives

Optimal organizational functions to benefit customers

In order to properly address customer needs and establish a stronger relationship of trust, some of the functions in Maruhachi Muramatsu have been spun off into separate companies to create an organizational system that best serve our customers.

The overall group structure has been optimized by establishing Maruhachi Muramatsu Group Head Office, K.K., in 2012 which will provide support to the respective group companies.

Maruhachi Muramatsu(Shizuoka Factory)

Food Deli Co., Ltd.

A wholesale company that targets the medical market mainly in Shizuoka Prefecture. Provides dashi-based seasonings and ingredients used for preparing nursing or therapeutic meals to the hospital, welfare facilities, and group meals market, which is the first area Zenpachi Muramatsu, IV, embarked on when he revived the company. Over 4,000 products are handled.

Maruhachi Technology Co., Ltd.

A production base in Makurazaki City, Kagoshima, that rivals Yaizu as a major center for catching bonito and producing dried bonito. The products the company manufactures include seasonings in liquid or powder forms, functional ingredients, and bio-pharmaceutical materials. In addition to serving as a link between the head office in Yaizu and overseas production bases, it also functions as an important base for risk management.

B-MAX Co., Ltd.

A planning and marketing company targeting convenience stores. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the raw material procurement of dried bonito and in the manufacturing of natural seasonings form the base of Maruhachi Muramatsu's taste- creation technologies which are applied to products carried in convenience stores.

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